What Makes A Great Coach?

Coaching Skills:

Coaching is an art as well as a skill. Thousand of new coaches have entered the field in the last three years. Look for a full time coach that has five years experience with more than 200 clients.

Business Skills:

Top coaches are typically a Ph.D. or M.B.A. graduate with 20 years experience as line managers or Organizational Development Practitioners. All have significant executive assessment and intervention experience.

Change Skills:

Coaches that are serious about the profession have mastered change skills. Many have significant Organizational Development experience and are Master Practitioners of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Remember great coaching produces positive, lasting change.

Outstanding Chemistry:

The relationship between the coach and the client is of paramount importance. Coaching is built on open and honest communication. It is a deep and profound exploration into what limits you and how you can embrace your greatness. Select a coach that you respect, trust and harmonize with. One that has the abilities and confidence to help you become an extraordinary leader!