The Life of My Dreams Program

Twenty percent of the population say they are happy, one percent say they are high achievers and one tenth of one percent say that they are happy high achievers. Which group do you want to be in?

The Life of My Dreams Program is life changing. It includes a three-day discovery retreat and nine months of coaching. During the discovery retreat, participants complete a deep and profound exploration into their greatness, their life's calling and their destiny. Emotional barriers are released, unstoppable confidence is developed and a roadmap to guide the journey is created. Your three-day retreat will be the most enlightening and empowering event of your life!

Nine months of weekly coaching supports and guides you on your journey. The skills and abilities necessary to become a happy high achiever are mastered. You will attract a Personal Board of Advisors to advise and mentor you. And most of all, you will learn to believe in yourself and your dreams!

The Life of My Dreams Program is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself! Take time NOW, design your life, your way!

What would I dare to dream, if I knew, it would come true?
- Dr. Robert Schuller