At Extraordinary Living we understand the questions that leaders and their organizations struggle with every day.

  • How can we keep leaders on the fast track, shortening their learning curves and increasing their impact?
  • How can we align goals, so individual progress is linked to the success of the organization?
  • How can we respond more effectively to the rapidly changing marketplace?
  • How can we inspire people to be their best?
  • How can we retain key contributors?
  • How can we live a balanced and fulfilled life?

We understand these questions - and we have the answers. Extraordinary Living delivers the industry's most advanced and results-oriented coaching services. Each program is customized for our client's needs and priorities in order to optimize the return on investment. Our services focus on developing great leaders and leadership teams.

The Life of My Dreams: Participants embrace their greatness, discover their life's calling, manifest their destiny and passionately enjoy the journey! Give yourself the greatest gift by designing your life, your way, NOW!

Leadership Coaching: Coaching develops extraordinary leaders! Great leaders produce outstanding results! Do you want to become an even better leader that inspires and empowers their team to produce bottom line results?

Executive Retreats: Entrepreneurs and executives that want to reinvent themselves, their careers or their businesses would find this one of the most enlightening and empowering events of their life!

Team Development: Our consulting services are design to help executives build great leadership teams. Individual excellence, team excellence and communication are the keys to high performance teams. Experiential learning is used to make the programs more interesting, impactful and lasting!

Corporate Workshops: A series of mini-workshops are designed to help groups breakthrough specific challenges. Experiential learning is used to make the programs more interesting, impactful and lasting!

Professional Speaking: A series of keynote speeches to inspire people to embrace their greatness, manifest their destiny and passionately enjoy the journey are available to organizations. They are the most interesting and life changing keynotes available!

The Life of My Dreams Workshops: The Life of My Dreams Program is presented in four 1½-day workshops. The principles are integrated using teleconference group coaching. The workshops are limited to 30 participants to enhance the atmosphere and learning.