Corporate Workshops

At Extraordinary Living, we design and implement customized learning solutions to improve individual and organizational performance. We use the most appropriate methodology for each client, including classroom training, experiential learning and coaching. Creating great leaders and winning leadership teams that produce outstanding results is our goal.

We operate by the motto: "Tell me, and I will forget! Teach me, and I might remember! Engage me, and I will learn and grow!" Experiential learning not only makes the workshops fun and interesting, but also engages the participants in profound ways. We are committed to creating permanent and lasting change and inspiring the participants to integrate their discoveries into day-to-day operations.

Handcuffs - The Empowering Beliefs Experience (2 hours)

We live in the most fascinating time in history, in the greatest country on Earth. We have at our fingertips access to the wisdom of the world. Our only limitation is our own heart and mind. Participants will discover what really limits them and replace those constraints with empowering beliefs.

Results Expected:

  • Profound look into what really limits you--your limiting beliefs
  • Empowering beliefs to increase productivity and fulfillment;
  • Renewed commitment to individual and organizational excellence;
  • Increased ability to influence yourself and your customers to "be the best;"
  • Building of communication skills and rapport to develop valued relationships.

Individual Excellence - The Breakthrough Experience (4-8 hrs)

All outstanding teams and organizations begin with individual excellence! You job is to offer your special services in a highly competitive market, looking for ways to improve what you do and add more value. Participants will learn how to enjoy adding value to their organization and customers every hour of every day.

Results Expected:

  • Effectively utilize power and problem solving questions.
  • Understand what it takes to have peak performance every day.
  • Become the CEO of your own Personal Services Company.
  • Develop a deep belief in yourself and your abilities.
  • Improve your skill sets and overall effectiveness.
  • Increased ability to influence yourself and your customers to "be the best;"
  • Building of communication skills and rapport to develop valued relationships.

Team Excellence - The Relationship Experience (4-8 hours)
Team Effectiveness is a highly interactive program that will prepare all members of any team to work effectively with each other and to understand group dynamics. Team members will learn how to surface differences, handle conflict, reach consensus, and establish a pattern of cooperation and collaboration.

Expected Results:

  • A stronger and more cohesive team.
  • Greater understanding of team dynamics to be effective.
  • A better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the team, as well as individual members.
  • Resolution of many of the barriers and roadblocks that hinder the team's performance.
  • Shared leadership and follower-ship.
  • Outstanding listening and communication skills.
  • Improved planning, problem solving and collaboration.
  • Increase integrity, trust and appreciation for one another.
  • Develop a Code of Excellence of shared values.