Executive Team Development

Helping Clients Build the Best Leadership Teams in the World

The Executive Team Development service is designed to diagnose your executive team challenges and issues, improve how your team functions, and provide guidance for individual members as well as the team as a whole.

This service is customized to your organization's unique needs--whether they are to integrate young or new executive members into an existing team, or to establish a sense of renewal to stimulate creative approaches to existing problems. The possibilities are limitless, resulting in a stronger, more cohesive and effective executive leadership team. The development ranges from facilitated brainstorming or problem-solving and one-day off-site meetings to extended executive retreats and indoor and outdoor team-building events.

We operate by the motto: "Tell me, and I will forget! Teach me, and I might remember! Engage me, and I will learn and grow!" Experiential learning not only makes the event fun and interesting, it engages the participant in profound ways. We are committed to creating permanent and lasting change and to integrate it into day-to-day operations.

Expected Results

• Stronger and more cohesive leadership team;
• Greater understanding of the effective of team dynamics;
• Better understanding of team and individual strengths and   weaknesses;
• Resolution of barriers and roadblocks that may hinder team   performance;
• Shared leadership and "follower-ship;"
• Outstanding listening and communication skills;
• Improved planning, problem-solving, and collaboration;
• Increased integrity, trust, and appreciation for one another;
• Development of a Code of Excellence of shared values.

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