What exactly is coaching?

In coaching, there is a coach and a client. It's a one-on-one process to enhance performance and develop potential. Coaching is a formalized - yet highly personalized - method that blends proven scientific techniques for change with personal growth techniques and hands-on practice. Coaching breaks down barriers and helps to achieve greater levels of accomplishment. It's a process for self-leadership, and helps clients to gain clarity on who they are, what they're doing, where they're going and why they're doing it.

What is a coach?

Simply put, a coach is a "personal success trainer;" a dedicated professional who specializes in developing and helping people to excel in the business world. A coach is part mentor, challenger, sounding board, cheering section. A coach creates a safe place to share insights and information, untangle tough issues behind limitations and identifies effective methods to practice new approaches. As an unbiased third party, a coach will use a variety of methods to help clients take effective action, attain greater clarity, integrate new or more enhanced skill sets, experience higher job satisfaction, and achieve an elevated quality of life.

How would coaching benefit our organization?

Coaching creates positive, lasting change. It breaks down problems and encourages resolution. Coaching helps people to become engaged and aligned with an organization's vision. It gives them the tools to develop themselves and a safe environment to practice. No other method of training takes the individual's background, strengths, fears, aspirations and other complexities into account. By paying attention to all of these things, the new ideas offer personal relevance. The change becomes important on a person-by-person basis. That's why it works.

Our company is running well. Would we benefit from coaching?

Absolutely! Most savvy organizations develop a coaching program to prevent problems and to enhance performance. Because coaching is one-on-one, it keeps everyone on track in a very dynamic way. And what organization in the world wouldn't benefit from having the employees more developed, enhanced and satisfied?

How can you tell if the coaching is working?

From greater harmony in the workplace to exceeding corporate goals, the benefits of coaching manifest themselves throughout an organization in dozens of ways. But we take it a step farther. Extraordinary Living helps you establish quantifiable results. On regular intervals we check our progress and make course corrections as needed. Using these reviews, you can determine your return on investment (ROI), as well as direct your team toward critical objectives.

How long does coaching take?

Because Extraordinary Living offers a custom approach, the programs will vary. To benefit from dramatic, lasting change, a minimum of six months is advised. Typically, most organizations will enroll individuals in a 12 to 18-month program. This enables the organization to make the initial changes and have them strongly integrated as a foundation. It also allows new initiatives to be introduced.

Is my privacy guaranteed?

Absolutely. We understand that a safe and confidential environment is critical for success. Since the coach is a neutral third party outside of the organization, there is no agenda other than the client's success and fulfillment.

How exactly does Extraordinary Living work?

Extraordinary Living designs a custom program to create the change and produce the results the client desires. Most of the change work will be completed in person and most of the coaching will be completed by telephone appointments. Additional communications, activities and resources are conducted or available through the Web.

How is Extraordinary Living different from regular coaching?

There are thousands of coaches that have good coaching skills. There are hundreds of coaches the have both coaching and business skills. Top coaches have coaching, business and change skills.

Extraordinary Living provides the client with 12 years of coaching excellence, 15 years of executive line management and 10 years of Organizational Development experience. The latest skills and technology are used throughout the coaching and development process.

Matt Beucler, the founder of Extraordinary Living, is a board member in the Professional Coaches & Mentors Association and a leader in The Executive Coaching Summits. We have close relationships and affiliations with the finest coaches.

What is the Extraordinary Living's process?

First, we have a complimentary coaching session to determine your vision, the desired outcomes and to establish a relationship. Then, through a combination of telephone and online sessions, data is gathered on your strengths and areas that might be improved. Issues that stand in the way of personal development and performance are identified. Learning activities, which could include reading, written assignments and role-playing, are utilized to help move through the barriers and to enhance your Leadership Skills. Goals are set. Action plans are created and implemented. The coach and client work together to achieve success.

What are major issues that Extraordinary Living tackles?

Wherever people are working together, Extraordinary Living can help. Through Executive Coaching, we help executives from fast-moving organizations assess and improve their leadership, interpersonal, and business skills.

How do you train for better leadership?

We help leaders to break down the old methods of thought, and shift into the new method of leadership. Today, successful leaders are creating environments where individuals are inspired and empowered. Today's leaders create vision, build trusting relationships, evoke the best in people and create an atmosphere in which people thrive.

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