What Others Say

McDonnell Douglas: The Production Engineering Department was implementing a new strategic planning system. Extraordinary Living coached the leadership team throughout planning and implementation. Results: The Production Engineering department exceeded their goals for the next three years and became the model for the company.

Amercon: The Experiential Stabalator Program was one year behind schedule, excessively over budget and in danger of being canceled. Extraordinary Living coached our Stabalator Program Manager. Results: An additional $2 million in funding was acquired and the project was successfully completed.

Paparazzi: The retail fur industry has been declining for several years and our sales were flat for the past three years. Extraordinary Living coached the Leadership and sales teams and helped automate the systems. Results: A 70% revenue growth in a 30% down market, higher productivity and automated systems to support the growth.

Mobile Team Challenge: The three owners were in conflict and the company was in danger of closing. Experiential Living facilitated a buyout of the third partner. An empowering vision, mission and company plan was developed. Results: A dynamic, growing and profitable company!