Why Hire an Executive Coach?

According to the International Executive Coaching Summit, there are eight strategic reasons companies hire Executive Coaches. Which one(s) are most important to you?

  • Strategic Leadership Development: Executives and their teams need strategic leadership development. Executives must raise performance to stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace.

  • Implementation of Strategic Goals: The executive team must achieve strategic initiatives to stay ahead of the competition and produce greater, more profitable results.

  • Executive Team Development: The executive team must lead the company in an innovative and collaborative manner. They must inspire the best in their leaders and employees.

  • Derailment Coaching: An executive is on a derailment path and needs a major shift to stay in the game.

  • Assimilation Coaching: A new leader needs assimilation into the company's culture to assert his/her leadership.

  • Succession Planning: Assistance with developing succession planning, coaching for the emerging leader and coaching for the retiring executive.

  • Career Development: Coaching helps executives develop their career in an effective and timely manner.

  • Personal Coaching: Executives may want personal coaching to balance their lives with the never-ending demands of being an executive.